June 30, 2016

What to consider before you renovate

What to consider before you renovate

Thinking of remodeling, but don’t know where to start? Looking for helpful ideas or have too many and simply not sure what will work for you? Here is a handy guide of what to consider before your project is a “go.”

Do your research

Whether you are renovating a room or your entire apartment or a house, the more informed you are, the better your renovation will turn out. From styles and colors to floor plans and wall treatments, there are multiple options available and some of them will surely be right for you. Go online, talk to friends who recently renovated, watch home improvement TV shows and read magazines to get inspired. Get a sense of the styles you are looking, as well as the materials and labor costs in your area. You will find that a well-researched project is much easier to execute.


This is something that, literally, cannot be underestimated. You don’t want to run out of funds in the middle of your renovation and it’s much more satisfying to use the money your saved up for the project than go into debt, hoping that your renovation will pay for itself, should you choose to sell your property. After you did your research and considered all the details, it’s time for some serious window-shopping and cost comparisons. Keep in mind that there are a lot of budget-friendly alternatives to some costly techniques and materials. Mindful cost cutting, while keeping an eye on the quality can help you stay within budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Professional Property Assessment

Whether your renovation is large or small, it always helps to hire a professional who can assess your property from top to bottom, test your heating and air conditioning systems, inspect your plumbing and electrical panels and alert you to any issues, like basement leaks or dampness. The results of such inspection will help you evaluate your project’s true needs and accurately assess the work to be done.

Get Advice

Even if you get a professional property assessment, don’t forget to talk to your friends and family who have gone through the renovation experience and will likely alert you to anything you may still be missing. People who know you best, can remind you while you are remodeling in the first place and help you keep the right perspective before and during the project.

Find the right contractor

You should get quotes from several contractors before you decide on one. Don’t just assume your contractor is licensed. When meeting with contractors, you can ask to see their license and make sure they carry a liability insurance, in case of any accidents. If your project is substantial, you can also check the contractor’s criminal, legal and financial background, customer reviews and trade references. It is also important that you and your contractor have the right kind of “chemistry.” After all, when someone and their crew will be spending a lot of time on your property, it may as well be someone you can get along with easily.

Warn your neighbors

It’s always a good idea to pacify your neighbors by giving them ample warning about your upcoming renovation. Share your plans with them, especially if your project is going to affect their property, even temporarily, and make sure to give them contact info for any emergencies. Try to do everything that will keep your neighbors (or your superintendent) happy while you are remodeling. After all, if you were the one being affected by someone else’s renovation, you’d appreciate the courtesy of an advanced notice and project updates. By sharing your plans, you may even get some helpful tips or advice.

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